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Just like any other form of gambling, sports betting has also entered the. This has enabled sports bettors to try their chances at an even wider selection of sports. However, online sports betting had been illegal for quite some time.

Various countries all over the world have regulated this matter in their own way, with someimposing strict laws to ban sports bettingcompletely.Others tend to ignore the lack of legal restrictions regarding online sports betting as an implicit approval.

In any case,sports bettinghas been present on all continents as a type of entertainment ever since people have managed to find a way around the legislatures.

Nonetheless, in an attempt to legalize and regulate this matter properly, the gambling commissions of respective jurisdictions aim to control online sports betting sites and the services they provide.

When we rate online sports betting sites, we consider safety to be the most important factor in each of our reviews. Why wager your hard-earned money when theres a chance that you wont be able to withdraw your winnings?

For an online sports betting site to receive a recommendation from us, the site will firstly need to provide a solid history of delivering timely payouts to its customers. However, some of the longest running online sports betting establishments usually, at one time or another, had a handful of problems releasing funds to players. We then do the necessary research to find out how it was resolved, and if it was a reoccurring problem.

Once an online sportsbook passes our strict safety requirements, we look at a range of other factors, includingcustomer service, bet selection, odds, and promotions. We strongly believe the following online sports betting sites achieved the best ratings in each of our categories (shown above)

Licensing Authorities for Legal Online Sports Betting

What types of sports wagers will I be able to place?

Is there a specific time frame for online betting?

How can an online sports betting site find me?

Is there an age limit for online sports betting?

Is there an online sports betting tax that I would have to pay?

At what stakes would I be available to bet online?

Would I need to download any software for online sports betting?

Which currencies can be used for online sports betting?

What is a good win-rate when betting on sports?

Its rather difficult to know a sites track record if you havent been a part of the online sports betting industry for quite some time. Thats where we come in, as we keep up-to-date with the latest trends and developments, and boasts with years of industry experience.

To succeed at operating any type of online sports betting business is rather simple: be helpful, reasonable, and reliable. In other words: do your absolute best at assisting customers when a problem arises, deliver payments on-time to every customer, and provide bettors reasonable opportunities at winning. Everything else will be an added bonus.

Although it sounds extremely simplistic, only a handful of sports betting sites manage to fulfil these requirements. This is especially true when it comes toU.S-friendly online sports betting sites, where only a limited few meet the requirements mentioned above. There are several sportsbooks outside the United States for bettors to choose from. Most of them are stock-listed and operate in a specific way under the eye of the shareholders and general public. Should any significant problem arise, it will undoubtedly affect the stock market.

Non-US sports betting sites are also licensed and regulated by reputable gaming jurisdictions, ensuring fairness, reliability, and trustworthiness to every single customer. They also provide more superior promotions and a wider range of betting markets in every sport.

Although we dedicated this page to provide you with the best legal sportsbooks in the world, there are several sports betting sites that specialise in specific markets. For instance, if you are searching for the best mobile betting sites, offering the choice of betting on the move without having to place a bet on your PC, we got you covered.

Online sports betting is all about having a wide variety of choices and feeling secure while placing a bet. Therefore, we organised the best legal sportsbooks in several categories to assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for. If you enjoy faster payouts, your online sports betting experience will be much better if you simply look in the right place.

Although online sports betting provides an extra element of fun and excitement, the primary reason why customers place a bet on any sport is to make money essentially. Most sports betting sites offer an arsenal of sports in their portfolio. However, certain online sportsbooks provide a wider range of bets on certain sports.

Its for this very reason that we included a section on this page where you can find an online sports betting site that specialises in a specific sport. For instance, if youre a huge fan of basketball, you will find a wider variety of betting markets for basketball when compared to other leading sports betting sites. This will allow you to make a range of additional bets that other sportsbooks simply dont offer.

Once we are satisfied that a sports betting site is both trustworthy and safe, we will look at the following aspects to determine if the sports betting site is good:

The quality of the betting lines for every market

The betting limits that are currently in place

If the site offers a great user-interface that is easy to navigate

If the sportsbook offers live betting or in-play betting

It comes as no surprise that US-friendly online sports betting sites will provide the most popular sports in America, but to what extent? For instance, most online sportsbooks will only offer odds on the biggest football games in theNFL, leaving the less popular games from theCanadian football leagueunnoticed.

You will also need to look for sports betting sites that offer the most betting markets for a specific sport you wish to wager on. Some sportsbooks might only offer a limit range of betting markets, including moneyline betting and point spread, while others will include parlay betting and future betting as well.

Proposition betting, or prop betting, plays a big role in several popular sports around the world, but not every online sportsbook will offer a wide range of proposition bets. If you are someone that enjoys making bets on different aspects of the game, and not just the outcome of the match, you will need to find an online sports betting sites that offer a wide variety of proposition bets on both individual players and teams.Betting Lines

Sports betting sites might offer every type of betting market available on the planet, but if the betting lines dont offer competitive odds, it wont matter. Therefore, we also take an in-depth look at the betting lines and odds and compare them to a wide range of other leading sportsbooks to determine if the betting lines are indeed worth your time and effort.

Once we can determine that the sportsbook provides a great set of betting markets, coupled with competitive betting lines, we take a look at the betting limits on offer. Most bettors usually place abet anywhere from $100 up to a maximum of $1,000. However, certain individuals would like to bet more,ranging from $5,000 up to $25,000, and in some cases, even higher. But this provides a new challenge, as most online sports betting sites willpeak around $2,500 per bet. Therefore, we also identify which sportsbooks offer a higher betting limit, aimed towards high rollers.Promotions and Bonuses

The best way for any online sportsbook to get your immediate attention is by offering an extremely generous welcome bonus, along with a sensational range of ongoing promotions, to ensure you remain on the site and log in frequently. This is an outstanding way to reward you for your loyalty to the site and gives you more money to place a wider range of bets.

However, most bettors will only see the big, bold letters and completely ignore the fine print attached to each of these incredible offers. Its for this very reason that we also take an in-depth look at the playthrough requirements for each promotional offer, and rank each sportsbook accordingly. Although one sportsbook might offer a higher welcome bonus, when compared to others, it doesnt necessarily mean that its better. Some playthrough requirements are simply ridiculous, and we carefully evaluate each offer to determine if its truly achievable.

A sports betting site might meet every single criteria we listed above with flying colours, but if the site itself is cluttered with too much information, or finding something specific on the site creates unnecessary hassles, bettors will quickly divert their attention to a more friendly and simplistic site. Therefore, we also ensure that navigating through the site is simple and user-friendly, especially for newcomers who are trying to find their feet in the online betting industry.

Sportsbooks that offer in-play betting will see a significant increase in traffic, as bettors can place additional wagers while the match is underway. They can also view the game directly from the sports betting site which makes betting very convenient, adding an additional layer of excitement without having to leave the site to keep track of the game. Recently, sports betting sites have also made it possible for in-play betting on mobile devices. Therefore, we consider all of these additional add-ons in our reviews to ensure you find a legal sports betting site that meets your demands.

Online sports betting sites need to make a profit just like any other business, consisting of numerous departments with loads of personnel, including marketing, betting analysts, customer support, and more. On top of paying salaries to everyone, they also need to ensure they make money for their shareholders. But, how exactly do they do it?

The best way to explain this is byusing the coin-flip concept. Lets say you decide to bet $100 on the coin landing on Heads. If you were able to get fair odds, you will receive $100 in winnings if the coin lands on Heads. However, online sports betting sites will require a bet of $110 when you want to bet on Heads and will pay you $100 if you are correct. This means the sportsbook will make a profit in the long run.

The same logic can apply to online sports betting. For online sports betting sites, they need to ensure that bettors make wagers on both teams in a match, and the best way to achieve this is by presenting odds that are attractive for both teams. For instance, point spread betting. They will subtract points from the favourites, and add additional points to the underdogs, allowing bettors to place wagers on both teams. For sports betting sites to make a profit, they will usually require a bettor to make a wager of $110 to win $100. Therefore, if you win, you will receive $100, and if you lose, the sportsbook will get $110. Either way, they make money from your bet, win, or lose.

Sportsbooks will determine the50/50 propositionand add an additional safety margin, as well as a profit margin over and above it. This is also known as juice or vig. Should the sportsbook be anywhere near the correct outcome, they will essentially make money.

Online gambling is a risk-ridden way to spend your time, and hopefully, win some money. However, when done sensibly, betting on sports can also be an exciting and profitable addition to simply watching a game. The question is, how exactly do you make the most from your wager? Is there a way to get around the bookmakers tricks?

There truly is, and it involves finding the best value for your hard-earned money. Whether its the right market, the right prices, or simply the best time to place a wager, if you follow these useful tips, you will notice that you can indeed make a profit from your online betting experience.

Before deciding to place a bet on any type of sport, you will first need to do the necessary research on the teams that are playing or the individual in a matchup. This includes statistical information on every player, their winning streak in the past year, and how they perform while playing away compared to how they perform in front of a home crowd. You will also need to keep an eye on internal conflicts, such as if the team gets along with the coach.

This might seem obvious, but several bettors simply cant ignore the price given by bookmakers. Without going into some serious math, its never a wise choice to bet on the favourites in any match. The odds are basically determined by the betting action on either side. The general public tends to bet on the favourites as they are presumed to win the match. The results in the probability being less than the odds usually imply. Theres also normally more value in the underdog team, but you will need to do the required research to identify the profitable opportunities.

Brand loyalty in the online betting industry plays a huge role, as companies will do everything in their power to lure you in, and ensure you only use them to make your bets. Whether its through promotions, a unique loyalty program, or a spectacular user-interface, the intention remains the same. Dont make the mistake of not shopping around for bettor odds when it comes to placing a bet. Thats essentially the main reason why you are betting on sports, to get the best value for money.

This is something most bettors tend to forget, although its common sense. The fewer bets you place on a single match or game, the more you will stand to win. If you plan to make a profit, rather bet small instead of big. Make a maximum of 4 bets on a single game as opposed to trying to cover every market in the hopes that it will turn out in your favour. It will also be beneficial to consider the less popular markets. If youve done the necessary research, and know your team inside out, you will immediately find better value in hundreds of other less popular markets which can turn into bigger profits.

As we have proclaimed online sports betting to be part of the general gambling practice, it comes as no surprise that it should be regulated by the main gambling licensing authorities.

A unique situation arises in the USA, as online sports betting is strictly regulated and limited to several states. Namely, since thePASPA of 92, only the states which already had introduced sports betting were allowed to continue practising it.

Considering Nevada was the only one which had implemented sports betting in its true sense, everyone else was left behind. As it reached the online community, sports betting sites in the USA suffered an even harder blow.

Nonetheless, bettors have found an alternative offshore betting sites. These sites provide citizen of the United States with online sports betting services, even though they are not regularly licensed by the appropriate authorities, such as theNevada Gaming Commission.

Contrary to this, the online sports betting scene in UK is flourishing. For one, this is due to the fact that the government has strictly defined each law that is in relation to this it. Furthermore, the renownedUK Gambling Commissionis in charge of this aspect of online gambling. This authority is known among sports betting sites for its rigorous measures and expectations which need to be met in order to receive their license. However, due to their proper approach, there is little trouble and a wide selection of legitimate sites in the UK for online sports betting enthusiasts.

TheUK Gambling Commissionmay seem to have set the bar pretty high, but there are several off-shore located authorities which manage to keep up. TheAlderney Gambling Control Commissioncomplements the work of the UK Commission, while theGibraltar Gambling Commissionerand theIsle of Man Casino Control Commissionare two additional license providers. In this regard, USA citizens should be safe to practice their hobby.

Moving on to Australia and Canada, one can say they pose the same contrast as the previous two. Namely, Australias online sports betting market is completely legitimized and regulated, whereas Canada is simply a grey area on this issue, as there are no specific legal action on their part. Offshore betting sites find Canada to be yet another piece of fertile soil. The main concern is how to make sure Canadian bettors dont get robbed.

Now that you have a better understanding when it comes to the world of online sports betting, you will feel more comfortable in choosing an online sportsbook that meets your betting requirements, giving you the freedom of placing a wager without having to stress about safety, reliability, and trustworthiness.

You can be rest assured that we did all the required research and necessary legwork to provide you with the best online sportsbooks in the world, so you dont have to. We strive for perfection and continuously update our site with the latest information and the best sportsbooks in the world to ensure you only experience the best when looking for a reputable and legal online sportsbook.

Many people think that they know all about betting on horses just because they know how to ride one. This is not always true, as betting rules are different from offside rule-outs at a typical football game.

The best strategy for anyone who is interested in online sports betting is to read through the following frequently asked questions section. Learning the basics may not paint the whole picture, but its bound to provide you with a knowledge-base which you can easily refill.

What types of sports wagers will I be able to place?Virtually all online sports betting providers enable their users to place the bet of their choice. This means that you can stop worrying whether you will have to abandon your favourite betting system or the scheme you learnt from the local sportsbook. There is more to online sports betting than a single or double wager.

Is there a specific time frame for online betting?Just like most online services, online sports betting is available 24/7. For one, this is due to the fact that different sports are played at separate parts of the globe. Therefore, online sports betting sites need to be available non-stop in case you may wish to place a bet around4 AM Central European Timeon a match which is about to start in Australia, as the time there would be about11 AM.

Secondly, although you might be aware about this, In Play wagers are rarely found on specific online sports betting sites. That is why you should pay attention to the matchs starting time in order to place your bet before it rather than look for In Play betting sites.

How can an online sports betting site find me?As you know, the sports betting site cannot find anyone, but there is some kind of geographical localization software which such sites employ in order to locate the country where the sports bettor is residing. This is a way for the sites to retain their good name and provide services solely to citizens and residents of those countries which have legalized this type of gambling.

Is there an age limit for online sports betting?This type of betting is considered to be one of the main gambling practices, which is why it has to comply with the legal regulations that are generally imposed by the government. The age limit thus corresponds with the countrys laws regarding the minimum gambling age which typically ranges from 18 to 21.

Is there an online sports betting tax that I would have to pay?This is another matter that depends on the regulations determined by your homeland or the country in which you reside. Nowadays, theUSAis one of the rare cases which have strict taxation policies for both land-based and online gambling. Other countries which provide their residents with the privileges of online sports betting, such as theUKAustraliaandCanada, have not yet burdened their sports enthusiasts with this type of tax.

At what stakes would I be available to bet online?The stakes normally offered by reliable sports betting sites can range greatly. The only limit which could be imposed here refers to a specific scenario. Namely, your betting account could be blocked (and you should be properly notified about this) if the online sports betting provider determines that you have had too many winning bets. This is usually regarded as a way for online bookmakers to protect themselves just as much as they need to protect you.

Would I need to download any software for online sports betting?Some sites may offer you their downloadable versions, or at least their apps for mobile devices. In any case, you dont have to feel obliged to download the software if the web browser version suits you just as well. This might even turn out to be a good idea, especially for travels.

Which currencies can be used for online sports betting?The best way to place any wager on a sporting event is by doing it in your countrys currency. Exchange rates and currency conversion fees are not a favorable option when it comes to this matter. As mentioned previously, the best betting sites have localization software, which means they should be able to fit the currency to your current location. The site should otherwise have an open selection for you to choose the currency you prefer.

How are deposits and withdrawals processed?Nowadays, almost all online gambling providers tend to offer fast and secure money transfer options, both for depositing them into your user account or withdrawing your winnings. Nonetheless, bettors tend to be more worried about their withdrawals than their deposits. Online sports betting sites have little trouble in this regard. Bettors are usually expected to receive a payment minutes after the official finish of the specific sports match.

Are there any free bets which I can claim?Definitely yes, there are numerous free bets offers and similar bonuses available at online sports betting sites. Expectedly, free bets are among the most popular offers. They are usually provided to novice bettors as soon as they set up a legitimate user account on the respective betting site. Such free bets can additionally reach out to more regular players as a loyalty reward, along with other types of promotions and bonuses. Some online sports betting sites even offer a moneyback option for unique case scenarios.

What is juice?Juice is essentially another form of commission. It is also referred to as vigorish, or simply vig. This is basically the money a bookmaker will claim from the difference in their betting lines. For instance, lets say you are flipping a coin with a friend to determine if its going to be heads or tails. You both decide to place $100 in the pot to make it $200 which the winner will take. However, when including a bookmaker, the will add an additional amount on each bet. They can set -110 on one side and +100 on the other. Therefore, the loser will lose $110, and the winner will win $110 + $100. That leaves $10 as a commission for the bookmaker, known as juice.

What is a good win-rate when betting on sports?Youll be required to win at least 52% of your wagers to break even due to the vigorish. Betting experts state that 54% is achievable, and if you manage to reach 55% or higher, youll be considered an elite bettor. Reaching a 53% win-rate might not sound like much, bit it essentially means that you are making a profit over the bookies.

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