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Arsenal v Manchester City EFL Cup final predictions, betting tips and match preview. After the Citizens hopes of an unprecedented quadruple were dashed by Wigan on Monday can they earn their first piece of silverware this weekend?

Join in with todays football tips using TipsFT on Twitter

Big odds backing a both teams to score & win treble

Backing over 2.5 goals (3 or more) in a few matches

Bet365 specialty – backing two teams on the handicap

Late Night betting tip – single, double, acca and more!

Crystal Palace v Tottenham Hotspur predictions, betting tips and match preview – Spurs to battle to important win

Cardiff City v Bristol City predictions, betting tips and match preview – Severnside Derby for promotion chasing duo

Aberdeen vs Celtic Predictions, Betting tips, and Match Previews: Bhoys backed to a narrow win at Pittodrie

Bayer Leverkusen vs Schalke 04 Predictions, Betting tips, and Match Previews: Die Werkself to bag a thriller win at BayArena

Arsenal v Manchester City predictions, betting tips and match preview – Pep to lift first trophy in England

Roma vs AC Milan Predictions, Betting tips, and Match Previews: Rossoneri backed to snatch at least a point

Sevilla vs Atletico Madrid Predictions, Betting tips, and Match Previews: Atleti to take revenge for the Copa del Rey loss

Borussia Dortmund vs Augsburg Predictions, Betting tips, and Match Previews: BVB to secure all three points at Signal-Iduna-Park

Cagliari vs Napoli Predictions, Betting tips, and Match Previews: Partenopei to keep the top of the table

Levante vs Real Betis Predictions, Betting tips, and Match Previews: Thriller clash in Valencia looming

Espanyol vs Real Madrid Predictions, Betting tips, and Match Previews: Los Blancos to bag the points at RCDE Stadium

Swansea City v Sheffield Wednesday predictions, betting tips and preview – Carvahal to get the better of his former employers

Les Herbiers vs Lens Predictions, Betting tips, and Match Previews: Lens through to the semi-finals over National 1 rivals

Athletic Bilbao vs Valencia Predictions, Betting tips, and Match Previews: Los Che to cause an upset at San Mames Barria

Malaga vs Sevilla Predictions, Betting tips, and Match Previews: Sevillistas tipped to bag a narrow win

Lazio vs AC Milan predictions, betting tips and preview: Rossoneri to reach the Coppa Italia final

Tottenham Hotspur v Rochdale predictions, betting tips and match preview – Spurs to take second bite at Rochdale cherry

Paris Saint-Germain vs Marseille predictions, betting tips and preview: PSG to edge closer to the French treble

Atletico Madrid vs Leganes Predictions, Betting tips, and Match Previews: Atleti to put on another confident display

World Cup Group A 2018 Preview: Hosts handed lifeline with winnable group

Russia vs Saudi Arabia Preview – World Cup 2018

We are your one-stop shop for football tips, special offers and expert opinion on the beautiful game.

Each and every day we offer football tips, including our famous DailyDouble a daily football accumulator and loads of match previews with recommended bets.

Our service doesnt stop at daily football tips though. We have the latest outright odds for all major leagues as well as access tolive football streamsacross the World

.Make sure you follow our Twitter account @Footballtips where we interact with our ever-growing community of football fans. Theres LOADS of enhanced odds posted on here too.

Finally, our team of writers always have an opinion on the latest goings on in football. With every twist and turn covered and our say on unique events – make sure you join in the fun at .

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