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Reviews Of 2017s Top Online Bookmakers + Websites

It seems as if everything is going online nowadays. Anyone who thought that betting sites and casinos couldnt work online has been proven wrong. The uncertainty and frantic excitement, not to mention the sweetness of gambling victory, are found as easily in the virtual world as in the actual world, thanks to some incredible gaming software. Your local bookmakers are as likely found online as they are down at the local betting shop.

Because gaming is so accessible online, those who wish to place a bet or roll a dice are finding themselves spoiled for choice. According to Gaming Sites UK, the British gambling laws are very favourable to the gaming and betting industies, where theyre seen in a more positive light than in many other countries. The UK has, reportedly, become a centre for online gambling. Many online gaming companies are based there. Some are even trading on the London Stock Exchange. With the growth in the number of online gaming companies, competition in the industry is at an all time high. This is good news for players, who are being offered amazing benefits in return for their valued custom.

Weve put together a guide for the player or punter whos trying to choose an online home to play or bet. Weve compiled a checklist of points to watch out for in the case of two different types of gambling websites, bookmakers and online casinos. Although they resemble each other, theyre both quite different. So read on and inform yourself about how to choose the best betting sites and online casinos for your personal gaming.

Sports betting is the art of predicting sports results and placing financial bets on the outcome of games and races. Horse racing and football are two favourite sports for placing bets. A traditional betting shop wasnt a very welcoming place. High counters and clerks placed securely behind inaccessible glass gave an impersonal feeling. The television in the corner blaring out the latest match or horse race was a welcome relief. But online bookies are much more stylish.

There are a few points to keep in mind when selecting an online betting site:

• Check out what types of betting markets are available. If you like to have a flutter on wholl be the next Prime Minister or whos going to win the Eurovision Song Contest, you might prefer a bookie which offers this novelty type of betting, as well as betting on sports results. Some sites may offer it. Others may not.

• In-play betting can be very exciting. Does this site in which youre interested offer the opportunity for in-play betting? Does it offer live streaming of sports events on which the bets are placed? Keep this in mind, if this is where your interest lies.

• Check the odds offered on bets placed on the site in which youre interested. Its no harm to compare them with the odds offered on bets placed on other sites. Comparing odds is an acceptable way to decide which site to choose. According to Betting Sites UK, some companies, through their social media pages, offer a Request A Bet service by which the players request their own odds. That sounds amazing and might be well worth checking out.

• Check if the sites security is up to the mark and also check if the deposit and withdrawal system is user friendly. Try to go for a site that pays out within reasonable time. Some punters are very keen on a quick payout, others lose interest if it takes too long. So keep it in mind.

The three points mentioned above regarding choosing a betting site are important. But there are a few more point to look out for when youre making a selection among the bookmakers. Here they are:

• Is the sign-up bonus nice and generous? Are the perks and rewards for long term players worth your time and effort? Check out the promotion and sign up offers from different sites of the same status and youll see for yourself which sites are offering better terms.

• Check if the site you fancy has a mobile site or app and try to find out if the functionality is similar to that on a website. Can financial transaction be completed as easily on the smartphone as on the PC? If you spend more time on your mobile, it might be worth checking out this matter.

The best thing to do is check our lists of top sites and explore each one individually on the internet. When you visit the website, check out all the features. Keep the above list of points in mind and go according to this checklist. You may discover that some sites are excellent for bonuses and rewards. They may, however, not be as fast as youd like when it comes to payouts and withdrawals. This might not be to your liking. Other companies may not offer such fantastic bonuses, but when the time comes to pay you, they may do so much quicker than the other companies. So its really the punters decision whether they prefer a company which offers great bonuses or quick payouts. Obviously if you come across a company which offers both, youve found the betting site of your dreams.

Apart from reading up on the features of the individual companies on their websites, its also a very good idea to read reviews on the performances of these sites. Some sites will have great reviews, others might not. The way reviews are written says a lot about the reviewers preferences as well as the subject reviewed, so try to read in a balanced way. A deal breaker for one reviewer might not be a deal breaker for another. Remember to read the reviews impartially and see what punters are really saying before making a decision.

As with betting sites, there are certain points to keep in mind when choosing an online gaming site. Lets go through them:

• Is there a good variety of casino games on the site? Thanks to software companies like NetEnt, theres potential for the availability of a huge variety of online casino games for players. There are classic games like poker and blackjack and more innovative, updated games to pique your interest. And there is, of course, the capacity for the experience of live casinos. So check out every gaming site you come across for this feature. The live casino experience is even available on mobile nowadays, thanks to superlative software advances.

• Slot games should be available in a reasonable variety as well, in addition to the casino games. The player may sometimes like to come to the site sometimes for a bout of serious playing. Another time, he or she may like to come in for a quick-fix flutter. Whatever your gaming needs, your chosen site should be able to provide for them.

• What are the prizes? Nobody minds risking everything in hand for a good reward. Its part of the thrill. But are the returns really worth your time and effort? Its important to check out the returns to the players. The prizes should be worth it. Your wins should be rewarded, when the time comes.

• For casinos as with the betting sites, its important to check out the bonuses. Because of stiff competition, many of the companies, who are in a position to do so, offer excellent sign up deals and bonuses to players. The sign up deals usually include cash match for your deposit. Bonuses may also include participation in draws for luxury goods and holidays. So please keep this in mind when deciding on a site. Check the bonuses and compare your options. Your loyalty, in the form of time and money spent on the site, should be rewarded.

• This is an important one and a deal breaker for some. What are the deposit and withdrawal options? Does the site pay quickly, or do you have to wait? Slow pay outs are okay if you dont mind waiting, but this doesnt suit everybody. Also, its no harm to be aware of site security. Some sites allow you to make payments with PayPal, which is added protection, so its a good option to keep in mind.

• If you spend a lot of time on your mobile, make sure to check out the quality of the sites mobile app/mobile site. Even if the site doesnt have a mobile app which you can actually download, you should be able to enjoy the same functionality on your smartphone that you enjoy on a PC. This should include the live casino experience, if this is something you particularly enjoy. It should also include ease of financial transactions. Thanks to great innovations in gaming software from companies like NetEnt Casinos, this should be entirely possible.

The UK Gaming Sites website lists the top UK gaming sites. So does Casino UK and Gambling Sites UK. Check out these lists of top gaming sites. Check sites individually. Read up on their features and bonuses. See which one would suit you best. And before making a final decision, remember to read as many reviews as you can, with an open mind. Remember, one persons ideal site may not be your own ideal site. Read the reviews but decide for yourself. And once you make your decision, youll probably be perfectly happy with it. Giving these matters a little thought beforehand can save a lot of trouble later on. And when you realise whether your experience with your chosen gaming or betting site has been positive or negative, add your own review to the ones which are already there. It will help guide others to make an informed decision about this in the future.

There are many gaming software development companies currently making amazing innovations in the worid of gaming. NetEnt Casinos, Cryptologic Casinos and Microgaming Casinos are a few such companies. They are constantly innovating and bringing about these amazing developments for online gaming. Thanks to their creativity, the casino experience can come right to your fingertips, in a virtual, yet real way.

Casinos and betting shops have been seen in a rather negative light in some areas of society. This is probably owing to the past, unfortunate association of gambling with crime and addiction. Gambling companies were considered to have a negative impact on public morals. The concept of responsible gaming has hopefully turned things around. Players and punters are now advised never to bet more than they can afford to lose and to seek professional help if their habit is getting out of control. Were moving towards a concept of gaming with responsibility

Its most important, when choosing a gaming or betting site in the UK, to ensure that its licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. The Gambling Commission ensures that sites licensed by them are run on ethical lines and that they are not associated with crime. The sites must have fair and transparent playing methods and most of all, they should promote responsible gaming.

So choose wisely and enjoy your games and bets with a free mind.

Looking for somewhere to gamble your hard earned wonga? Fancy a flutter on the horses, a bet on Saturdays big match or want to take a chance at a great online casino game like poker, roulette or slots?

Whether you like gambling once a year on the Grand National or its your hobby to pick the winners each week at the races it is vital you choose a great site to trust with your stakes. Weve rounded up todays top online bookmakers to bring you the definitive guide to the webs best betting sites in 2017.

Just choose how and what you wish to pay or play or browse our reviews of the best places to bet on the web.

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