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All fighters have two main tools of their tradeweapons and armor. While many fighters hone their weapon skills to a point of inescapable grace and lethality, there are those who live under the maxim that a good offense can be accomplished though an impenetrable defense. To these fighters, proper use of armor and shields ensures that they can fight another day, and that the frustration of enemies who cant seem to crack an armor masters superior defenses is just the first symptom of his foes eventual defeat.

At 2nd level, an armor master specializes in using his shield to deflect attacks. He gains a +1 bonus to his touch AC, and this bonus increases for every four levels beyond 2nd (to a maximum of +6 at 20th level); however, this bonus cannot exceed the sum of the armor andenhancement bonusto AC provided by the shield that the armor master is currently carrying.

At 5th level, an armor master gains DR 1/ when wearing light armor, DR 2/ when wearing medium armor, and DR 3/ when wearing heavy armor. At 19th level, thisdamage reductionincreases to DR 4/ when wearing light armor, DR 8/ when wearing medium armor, and DR 12/ when wearing heavy armor. Thisdamage reductionstacks with that provided byadamantinearmor, but not with other forms ofdamage reduction. Thisdamage reductiondoes not apply if the armor master isstunnedunconscious, orhelpless.

This ability replacesweapon training 1 and 3, andarmor mastery.

At 9th level, an armor master can use his armor to shield critical areas from injury. He treats any armor he wears as if it had thelight fortificationspecial ability. At 13th level, his armor gains themoderate fortificationspecial ability. Thisfortificationdoes not stack in any way with armor that has these special abilities. In these cases the armor master takes the better of the twofortifications.

At 20th level, an armor master gains completeimmunityto critical hits andsneak attackswhile he is wearing armor. In addition, unless his armor has the fragile armor quality, it cannot besunderedwhile he is wearing it.

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