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Striking Amber Sceats earrings in the shape of an artistic visage. Post closure.

Australian-born designer Amber Sceats followed the well-worn path of her creative family when, alongside her mother, she launched her namesake jewelry line in 2012. The eclectic collection is heavily influenced by travel, art, and architecture, with striking, sculptural elements that present as both timeless and modern. Aspiring to offer designs that are diverse and versatile, Amber Sceats jewelry creates a distinct balance of rock-n-roll style coupled with sophisticated design for a unique, refined aesthetic.See all Amber Sceats reviews

These earrings are a knockoff of Open House Projects Sister earrings. Not only has Amber stolen the design, but she is selling it for an insane markup. Open House Projects sells the earrings for $190 and they are solid cast silver or bronze from a handcarved mold, designed and made in New York – Amber is selling gold plated earrings imported from Hong Kong for only a bit less than that. Not exactly handcrafted in Tuscany and Paris like her social media profiles would want you to believe. Please support the hard work of individual artists and REMOVE this item from Shopbop. I will no longer shop at Shopbop while they support brands practicing art theft.

Another person also commented on this item with the same complaint I have – Amber Sceats ripped off the original design of this which is from Open House Projects. The handiwork of the original is significantly better as well – as can be told by a side by side comparison. Dont get these versions because youre supporting a so-called jewelry designer who isnt even really designing original pieces! Not worth it!!!

Amber Sceats molded these from earrings designed by Open House Projects. These are beautiful earrings, but I dont think Shopbop should support a company that steals someone elses work.

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